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Developing Winning Brand Strategies

Start Date : 17-05-14
End Date : 17-05-14

Every manager, executive and business owner knows that a robust strategy plays a crucial role in any successful enterprise. Brands play a pivotal role in this process: they are the platforms, vehicles or focal points that businesses use in competing for choice. The propositions, selling points, core values, promise, personality and corporate image that businesses articulate and embed in their brands are the basis for earning the choice of customers and stakeholders. 

The session covered the following:
•    What are the ABCs of branding?
•    When and how should the branding process get engaged ? 
•    What does that look like? How to build a brand step-by-step?
•    How does having a brand benefit SME's ?
•    What are the financial implications? How will branding impact bottom line? 
•    Do customers care about the brand? 
•    What does the future look like?

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