• Dubai SME100 Announcement Ceremony 2015

  • Dubai SME100 Announcement Ceremony 2013

  • Dubai SME100 Announcement Ceremony 2011


What is Dubai SME 100?

​Dubai SME 100 is a premier ranking of Dubai's 100 top performing SMEs, launched by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development (MBRE).

The Dubai SME 100 seeks to identify Dubai's top SMEs that are role models the Emirate can be proud of. More than just a ranking, the objective of Dubai SME 100 is to inspire willing and able SMEs that have the potential to be world-class enterprises - to invest in innovation and people - to sustain growth. The ranking will also serve as a tool for helping SMEs identify capability gaps for improvement, which is the real value add of the Dubai SME 100.

The ultimate outcome is for Dubai to have more growth-oriented, innovative, capable and sustainable enterprises that can fly the UAE flag high.

Why do we need to have the Dubai SME 100 ranking?

​The Dubai SME 100 is an important step by MBRE in realizing its goal of SME development following the formulation of the 'Dubai SME' definition. The Dubai SME 100 ranking will be an effective tool to identify promising and progressive SMEs and to prepare them to become bigger, better and sustainable enterprises.

How is it different from other rankings?

Dubai SME100 has been developed with the aim of showcasing and grooming SMEs that Dubai can be proud of. Some of the distinct features of Dubai SME100 are as follows:

  • The ranking in Dubai SME100 will be based on a comprehensive evaluation process that takes into consideration multiple financial and non financial parameters. In most of the other comparable lists, the rankings are based only on financial parameters, primarily growth.
  • The ranking will serve as a tool to help the applicant SMEs identify areas of improvement, whereby these SMEs can develop into bigger, better and sustainable enterprises
  • SMEs which will make it to the Dubai SME100 list will be offered multiple benefits, unlike most other rankings where benefits are typically non-material

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