• Dubai SME100 Announcement Ceremony 2015

  • Dubai SME100 Announcement Ceremony 2013

  • Dubai SME100 Announcement Ceremony 2011

The 3I Model

For the evaluation of non-financial themes, applicant SMEs are required to build a strong case for their performance based on the 3I evaluation model. In order to do so, they should provide as much detail with reference to as many parameters as possible.

  • Intent

    Vision, Strategy & Planning These are intents and management plans of the applications

  • Intiatives

    Efforts and Progress These are the efforts of applicants on the specific theme and the progress they have achieved

  • Impact

    Business Results and Performance These reflect the direct impact of the planning & efforts undertaken by the applicant in the form of business and financial performance

After ranking, the SMEs are given specialised capability development training in such critical areas as investment development, corporate governance, valuation, legal support and risk management. The ranking is valid for two years.

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